IMS Health launches
a consumer-driven health plan


When IMS Health introduced a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) paired with a health savings account, they knew that the key to reaching their ultimate enrollment goal was making sure employees understood how this type of medical plan worked and whether it was the right plan for them.

Our work

With IMS' focus on educating employees about this fairly new medical plan, context was initially hired to ensure the plan features were accurately and clearly outlined in IMS' enrollment materials. Because of our experience communicating about consumer-driven health plans, we also worked with IMS to develop a marketing video and online enrollment profiles. These “people like me” stories used the concept of social norms and peer-to-peer credibility to convey in a simple way how these plans work and to help employees choose their plan.


IMS hit their mark, earning “rave reviews” on the profiles and video tour. They were extremely pleased with the outcome of the project, as they achieved a 4% enrollment rate, meeting their year-one goal of a 3%–5% enrollment rate.